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How do you keep tabs on an ailing family member if you don’t both live in the same community?   And how do you make sure all of the healthcare professionals looking after your loved one are kept up to date about their condition and treatment?


A Tyze network can certainly help. Tyze is an online community centred around one person and it is often described as a secure ‘Facebook’ for caregiving.   By using technology, family members, friends and health care professionals can share care, wisdom and knowledge.   Best of all, Saint Elizabeth is making Tyze available free to individual patients and their “online care teams”.


Donna Thomson is a well-known author and blogger on caregiving issues.  Her son requires a good deal of health care and support.  Here’s how she uses Tyze in her family.


“We began by inviting members of our family to the site, simply to keep them up to date on the health and daily life activities of Nick.  At that time, Nicholas’ nursing needs were very high.  We were running a home hospital and trying to ensure important messages got through to all his care staff was increasingly difficult and frustrating.  I would leave notes about medication changes or other critical directives in a bedside chart, on a white board above Nick’s bed and still they would be missed.


I began to think that perhaps I could use Tyze for caregivers, our doctor, social worker and any other professionals on an as-needed basis.  Now, we keep the family in touch with Nick’s news via emails and Facebook.  Tyze became, for us, a secure way to let everyone know about medical or rehab issues, to alert the team to things like skin breakdown and bowel protocol, and to keep a daily seizure record.


We are very fortunate that Nick’s GP agreed to participate in our Tyze site - he can check in anytime to see how Nick is doing, especially if there are fluctuating symptoms, which there often are.


We have a Tyze site for my Mom's care too.  In her case, we use it to coordinate the support she needs between members of our extended family.  If and when her needs increase, we'll invite paid caregivers to her network.”


As Canada’s largest non-profit charitable provider of home health care services, Saint Elizabeth empowers people with access to knowledge, support and care in their homes, through technology and an unparalleled care experience. Tyze is an excellent example of a product aimed at reducing social isolation, encouraging community support and helping  organize care in a person’s time of need.


You can read more from Donna Thomson on the subject of caregiving on her website: www.donnathomson.com.  Her book, “The Four Walls of My Freedom:  Lessons I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Caregiving” was published this year by House of Anansi Press.


For more information on setting up your own Tyze network, please visit www.tyze.com.


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